Alyne SaaS equips teams with extensive capabilities backed by expert knowledge to confidently navigate the GRC space - Placing your organisation at the forefront of Cyber Security, Risk Management and Compliance.


People are at the absolute front and center of our thinking at Alyne. We empower risk andassurance professionals to influence behaviour in their organisations. At the same time, weenable decision makers to understand complex risk data easily. We are their mission control.

Alyne creates value through industrialising traditionally manual processes from riskidentification and qualification to quantification and simulation. At the core is a huge risk librarythat is modelled to represent real world scenarios.

We leverage state of the art technology to deliver our RegTech to customers. Powerful MachineLearning helps our customers and our own industry experts automatically understand newstandards, laws and regulations. Graph databases and serverless technology help us easily scaleto meet the challenges of the most complex enterprises. Modern cloud technology provideshighest levels of security and resilience for our often heavily regulated customers.

Innovative businesses leverage Alyne's technology and expertise to deliver value across theorganisation. From deploying operational risk management capabilities, managing CyberSecurity, addressing international data privacy or managing and measuring compliance withstandards, laws or regulations - Alyne provides a quickly deployable but powerful solution. Risk,Security, Compliance and Privacy executives leverage Alyne to increase risk transparency andreduce costs.

We are growing rapidly. Alyne is made up of a team of highly skilled individuals from everycontinent. Cloud development, technical machine learning, UX, banking compliance, legal -everyone brings a unique skill and perspective to the table. Our diverse teams provide us newperspectives, our different backgrounds increase our creativity as a team - it's what makes us better.

Alyne provides you with Software powered by the combined knowledge and experience of ourwhole team. Keep your organisation at the forefront of Cyber Security, Risk Management andcompliance. Reach out to us and learn how Alyne can be your mission control.

"Hannover Digital Investments have brought so much more to the table than pure financialinvestment. We work closely with HDI’s risk experts, experiment with innovative joint businessdevelopment channels and partner with portfolio companies." Karl Viertel, CEO Alyne