ExB Group

ExB offers the only AI-driven Document Processing Platform for automation in input management that allows companies to automatically convert every kind of document and content into actionable insights.


ExB is the only individually trainable and centralized Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) platform that offers a complete end-to-end data classification and extraction solution for input management.

Our customers can implement ready-to-use data extraction modules for policy/contract management, claims handling, invoices, emails and any sort of financial statements and reports or opt for built-to-order modules. Such modules can be created and trained by ExB or directly by the customer by using our Cognitive Workbench (CWB): the zero-code training environment we developed for the creation of new AI modules.

ExB uses the latest deep learning algorithms for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision to create and train modules that can be used to understand and process any kind of document in any field or industry and in any language.

With exclusive access to training databases and a unique multimodal AI approach (that combines Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing), our platform is the most powerful Document Processing Engine in the market which is used to automate data classification and extraction processes.

Customer communications with companies is often still based on unstructured information. Insurance companies alone, for example, need to process 1.4 billion unstructured or semi-structured documents (emails, letters, scans of documents, invoices, forms...) a year in Germany.

85% of the companies still process documents manually and feed such manually extracted data into process automation systems, creating bottlenecks and dramatically reducing the business value of such automation platforms.

However, to face the challenges linked to digital transformation, companies need to quickly respond to customer requests to provide a great customer experience.

By combining process automation and intelligent document processing, companies can reduce time to insights for decision making processes and reaction time to customer requests while processing incoming documents in seconds instead of days.
ExB converts any sort of unstructured information into actionable insights for customers to improve both customer and employee experience and boost their competitiveness in the digital era.

Finally, Cognitive Automation can also be used in the field of expert acceleration: our platform can convert hundreds of pages into bite-sized relevant summaries. For example, pharmaceutical companies use ExB to scan large databases of thousands of long papers to only extract relevant information about a specific protein, drug, or vaccine. Considering the large amount of publications published every year, it is essential to have access to a technology that allows companies to isolate only meaningful information from different sources to carry out research activities or to gather precious insights for decision making processes.

ExB is the only intelligent assistant that enables people to speed up cognitive processes quickly and without any coding.