Finanzguru by dwins GmbH

Finanzguru is an individual financial assistant that automatically recognises potential savings opportunities for its customers and offers a convenient overview of the user's own contracts and finances.


dwins GmbH is a Frankfurt-based fintech enterprise established in 2015 by the brothers Alexander and Benjamin Michel, Sandro Sonntag and Florian Hirsch.

Today, the company has 25 employees at locations in Frankfurt and Nuremberg. The company partners are its founders, with minority stakes held by the HDI Group, Deutsche Bank AG and several financial investors. The dwins GmbH product offering is the app "Finanzguru", a digital and individual financial assistant based on artificial intelligence. Finanzguru is the HQ for its customers' money: it enables them to keep track of funds coming in and going out as well as contracts they may have taken out, they can change contractual partners and sign up for attractive rates on electricity and gas. To do this, the customer can link Finanzguru to any online account held with a bank in Germany. From the end of 2020 onwards, Finanzguru will also facilitate payment from all the customer's linked accounts via an account card.

The Finanzguru app already has more than 500,000 registered customers, making it the largest non-bank finance app on the German market.

"We especially value the constructive dialogue with real experts in the insurance industry as we evolve our business model. What is more, in Mr Wallin we have been able to secure a truly helpful and seasoned sparring partner for our Advisory Board who brings an impressively broad perspective to the table." Benjamin Michel, Managing Director of dwins GmbH