Genus AI

Genus AI is an artificial intelligence company focused on scaling emotional intelligence in interactions between brands and customers to drive business growth.


When customer acquisition and retention is central to your company’s operation, data is your most valuable asset. But traditional demographics only take you so far. It’s not enough to know who your customers are, you need to know how they behave and why.

Genus AI provides that most precious of commodities: insight. We do this by means of a next-generation artificial intelligence platform rooted in neuroscience and behavioral psychology.

The Genus AI Growth Platform includes all AI-powered digital tools needed for better customer targeting and engagement, which lead to increased campaign conversions and better business outcomes. We help our clients understand what motivates people, how they make decisions, why they purchase certain things as opposed to others, and how they use and engage with brands and products.

"The cooperation with Hannover Digital Investments opens up their vast corporate network which is tremendously helpful for such hypergrowth startups as Genus AI. They are also keen on using the technologies they invest in, all of which helps with evaluating the product-market fit and finding new customers,” Viktoras Jucikas, CTO at Genus AI.