ReSec Technologies

Zero Trust for Documents – ReSec revolutionizes the way organizations can secure their gateway by offering ultimate protection with minimal impact to BAU – a rare balance in the cyber security space.


ReSec Technologies is an innovative cyber security company, using advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) prevention technology to provide organizations with the ultimate protection from known and unknown (“zero day”) file-based malware threats.

Overcoming the limitations of existing detection solutions without compromising usability, ReSec’s multi-engine software solution treats every original file as a threat, scans and stores it outside of the organization’s network, and then delivers the end-user a threat-free and fully functional replica of the file in real-time.

ReSec’s ReSecure Platform is a gateway solution protecting from email, removable devices, and file-transfer threat vectors. Our software is installed on-premise or on a private cloud, providing unparalleled security, while not compromising day to day operations and data privacy.

ReSec currently protects dozens of highly sensitive organizations from diverse industries, including finance, telecommunications, airlines, healthcare, critical infrastructure, government and more.