Safehub Inc.

Safehub provides organizations with real-time, building-specific earthquake damage information to expedite emergency response and recovery. Through its cloud-based platform, business continuity and resilience managers are able to prioritize building assessments and resources while resuming operations as quickly as possible. Safehub is based in San Francisco, California.


Safehub employs a combination of proprietary sensors, analytics, and third-party data to provide real-time, building-specific structural damage information, with an initial focus on earthquakes. Their low-cost, easy-to-install sensors measure earthquake ground motion and building response, as well as changes in building natural frequencies, which can indicate damage. Safehub’s cloud-based platform analyzes the data and deploys actionable information through a web-based dashboard, text messages, and email alerts. The information generated is used to estimate damage to individual buildings and portfolios, gauge related business interruption losses, and inform customers within a matter of minutes.

A New York-based pharmaceutical company, for example, with a distribution center in California and facilities in Mexico and Japan, can check the status of their facilities on their smartphone from anywhere in the world in real-time.

The end result is the ability to safely continue operations. Major technology and third-party logistics firms are among Safehub’s early adopters. Firms recognize the potentially huge savings from not having to shut premises unnecessarily while waiting for a structural report, while also addressing the significant risk in not knowing if a building is safe to occupy.

Safehub’s technology provides:

Platform and Sensors:

  • Affordable, simple, plug-and-play sensors
  • Secure cellular network
  • Actionable information via web dashboard
  • Simulation mode for training and planning

Damage Alerts

  • Texts/email alerts minutes after earthquake
  • Critical situational awareness
  • Prioritized emergency response efforts

Building-Specific Data

  • Ground motion & building response analysis
  • Vulnerability information for financial loss and recovery time estimates
  • Support for visual inspections by engineers

“We are excited to partner with HDI to support resilience for global corporations, and to be at the forefront of innovative reinsurance solutions.” Andy Thompson, CEO Safehub