talpasolutions GmbH

Revolutionize heavy industries with talpasolutions. Our end-to-end solution provides predictive analytics to increase productivity, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams. Harness the power of previously unused data.


talpasolutions is an industrial intelligence company that specializes in developing predictive analytics solutions for heavy industries such as mining, logistics, and construction. Founded in 2016 in Essen, Germany, talpa focuses on making vast troves of previously unused data accessible and understandable to heavy industry companies. With talpa's end-to-end solution, these companies can identify many insights, allowing increased productivity, reduced costs, and new revenue streams.

talpa's core technology is its proprietary high-performance cloud platform, which allows for data ingestion, processing, and normalization, analysis, and insight visualization, as well as providing a holistic view of the client's business. The cloud architecture of the solution ensures an easy integration into the client's existing system, and a user-friendly, customizable web interface visualizes insights from the data analysis for various user groups, to ensure the right person is informed at the right time to make the best decisions.

Furthermore talpa's end-to-end solution serves as a bridge between asset/component manufacturers and fleet owners by fostering a community for industrial intelligence. The platform enables equipment manufacturers to develop new service offerings, such as refined diagnosis and repair solutions. Heavy industry companies can now derive greater value and longer working lives from their machinery throughout the machine lifecycle. Additionally, as the platform matures, OEM manufacturers can use the platform and its predictive maintenance to offer spare parts.

talpa's approach to obtaining on-board machine data is unique. Instead of using APIs for already processed signals, talpa connects directly to the machine's ECU data via a data logging device and multiple CAN bus interfaces. This approach ensures integration is quick and easy and that no potential data points are left behind.

By democratizing the data dynamic in heavy industries, talpa built a platform that integrates data, decisions, and operations effectively, making it easier for companies to bring together multiple datasets into one interface with actionable insights. talpa's partnerships with various companies and its unique approach to obtaining on-board machine data makes it an analytics company that provides insights on maintenance and productivity, covering all major benefits that come from pulling data off hundreds of sensors on multiple pieces of equipment.

Overall, talpasolutions offers heavy industries the ability to optimize their processes and increase productivity while reducing costs. With its end-to-end solution and proprietary high-performance cloud platform, talpa makes previously unused data accessible and understandable, providing insights that lead to new revenue streams and longer working lives for machinery.

“This significant financing round is a great validation for our mission to drive efficiency, safety, and productivity in fleet-intensive operations through actionable insights and workflow integration. Our team is excited to continue leveraging the potential of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and AI with the support of our strong new and existing investors. Together, I am sure that we will deliver tremendous value to our customers across the globe.”
(Sebastian Kowitz, CEO)