troy is offering “Friendly Debt Collection as a Service” and leads debt collection in the era of digital, data-driven Customer Experience. In realtime. Thus troy is achieving a significantly optimised payment quota for it’s clients – and saving valuable customers.


troy is a debt collection FinTech that combines decades of debt collection experience with state-of-the-art technology and successful methods of customer experience. Based on meta-studies on debt collection practices, on the needs of paying customers and on claims from consumer protection agencies, troy has developed a completely new approach to debt collection. This unique "troy experience" uses a variety of communication channels and payment methods, offers maximum transparency and commitment in real time, and, thanks to machine learning, takes into account individual customer preferences regarding the channel mix and wording.

Customers thank this by paying significantly faster and on average more with troy, than with other collection companies. In addition, troy achieves excellent ratings in the satisfaction survey conducted throughout the company after payment. This enables troy to maintain and improve valuable customer relationships for its clients, as studies show that around 60% of customers only have a temporary bottleneck.

troy's services are primarily aimed at large companies and are currently available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. For SAP users, troy has developed a full integration, thanks to which troy can be connected without effort, and which enables continuous end-to-end processes in real time. The integration is available in the SAP App Center. Even without SAP, companies can retain their existing debt collection data formats and therefore also connect to troy without effort. The troy client portal provides unique transparency, a wide range of analytics and much more.

troy was founded in 2017 and has offices in Hamburg and Lippstadt (Germany) and Lemmer (Netherlands). Its clients come from the telecommunications, energy suppliers, publishing and multichannel trade sectors.

"We are very pleased with the investment and support from HDI, as we are convinced that we can also make a massive contribution to optimizing dunning and collection processes in the insurance industry. The close dialogue will enable us to respond even better to the special requirements of the industry." Philip Rürup, Founder & CEO