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Hannover Digital Investments invests in digital payments specialist Vitesse PSP

Hannover Digital Investments GmbH (HDInv) is investing in the London-based company Vitesse PSP, which specializes in digital solutions for global payments and counts numerous insurers among its customers.


Phil McGriskin CEO Vitesse

Global payments can be processed more cost-effectively, quickly and easily with the help of Vitesse’s system which enables businesses to pay domestically in 109 currencies to 172 countries. Customers also get a real-time overview of their finances and transactions. In addition, Vitesse provides a treasury management platform for insurers enabling greater capital efficiency and liquidity management.

“Vitesse brings great value to insurers and their customers when it comes to improving speed, control and transparency in payments and centralizing claims payments. We see a big potential for Vitesse to become the online payment partner of choice for insurers,” emphasizes Ulrich Wallin, Managing Director of Hannover Digital Investments GmbH.

HDInv is participating in Vitesse as part of a Series B financing round led by Prime Ventures with further participation from Octopus Ventures.

“We are thrilled to have our new investors on board. We have strong ambitions to grow, particularly in the U.S. and in the insurance market which we believe is still untapped and yet to be digitally revolutionized,” says Vitesse CEO Phillip McGriskin. In addition to the U.S., the company also wants to expand in Europe with the help of the financing.