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Hannover Digital Investments participates in CybSafe investment round

Hannover Digital Investments GmbH, the venture capital provider and early-stage investor belonging to the HDI Group, has invested in London-based cybersecurity start-up CybSafe. CybSafe is a behavioural science and data analytics company that helps organisations manage human cyber risk. Its software is relied on by over 350 organisations in 15 countries, including Credit Suisse, Air Canada, HSBC and NHS Trusts.

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CybSafe enables security teams to reduce risk in changing environments. It helps organisations track, measure and understand individual behaviour, delivering instant, personalised support for users at the appropriate moment. The innovative approach is disrupting the status quo and overcoming the shortcomings of traditional tick-box training.

“We believe in CybSafe's business model. What we find especially exciting about its approach is the emphasis placed on human behaviour,” explained Ulrich Wallin, Managing Director of Hannover Digital Investments GmbH, in discussing the reasons for investing. “CybSafe improves security culture in a way that can be measured and gives unparalleled insights to allow customers to pre-empt security problems, taking a long-term view on behavioural change”, stated Wallin.

Oz Alashe MBE, former UK Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and the CEO and founder of CybSafe said: “We’re excited to have Hannover Digital Investments on board as an investor in CybSafe. The insurance industry will play an increasingly important role in global efforts to ensure business continuity in the digital age. CybSafe’s focus on collecting and analysing human cyber risk data will be of huge benefit to the insurance industry. We are able to help manage and reduce risk, and understand it better. HDI has a breadth of experience in investing in cyber security. Its expert knowledge will be of significant value as CybSafe continues to grow and help more organisations across the globe.”

For Hannover Digital Investments, CybSafe represents a financial investment in the important cutting-edge cyber sector. The HDI Group operates successfully in this area both as a major industrial lines insurer and in business with retail customers. Previously, Hannover Digital Investments has acquired cybersecurity startup Perseus and invested in the startups Enginsight and ReSec. The company continues to target further international investments in specialised cyber business models – including CybSafe.