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HDI Group takes a stake in cybersecurity start-up Enginsight

The HDI Group has taken a stake in the cybersecurity start-up Enginsight. The IT security company from Jena offers companies fully automated protection against attacks on their data and networks. The Enginsight software identifies gaps in safety and configuration defects, and sounds an alarm when hacker attacks are taking place live. The customer focus is on small and mid-sized businesses, which have to contend with increased networking and complexity, as well as a rising frequency of cyber-attacks in the course of digitalisation.


Alongside the HDI Group, seed+speed, Smart Infrastructure Ventures and portfolio investors are also involved in funding. Capital expenditure is intended to provide the basis for expanding Enginsight, recruiting employees specialised in technology, building up a sales structure and creating a comprehensive partner network. Martin Weldi, Head of Corporate Development at the HDI Group, commented: “Cybersecurity will be an important area in the future for our customers and the HDI Group is already extremely well positioned here. We are therefore pursuing a consistent strategy by investing in a start-up like Enginsight, which offers intelligent cyber-security solutions for companies.”

The HDI Group is operating successfully in the cyber sector as a major industrial insurer and in the corporate customer sector. The stake in Enginsight is part of the strategy of the HDI Group directed towards driving digitalisation forward and investing in technological innovations. Just a few days ago, the HDI Group took over Berlin-based Perseus Technologies GmbH. This start-up has specialised in the prevention of cyber risks and cyber emergency assistance.

With its latest cyber investments, the HDI Group is pursuing its strategic operational objective to facilitate and promote entrepreneurial activity. This goal is firmly anchored in the following Purpose espoused by the HDI Group: “Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship.”