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HDI Group invests in Israeli cybersecurity startup ReSec Technologies

The HDI Group is participating in the Series A financing of Israeli startup ReSec Technologies Ltd. The company provides cybersecurity solutions for protection against file-based malware attacks, which are rising globally. For example, extortion attempts using ransomware have become common threats. Once the malicious software has been installed without the user's knowledge, the attackers encrypt the victim's data and demand a ransom for restoring access.


The HDI Group's investment comes as part of a comprehensive round of USD 4 million Series A funding led by the Hong Kong-based venture capital fund QBN Capital. The US investment house Disruptive Ventures and Pico Venture Partners from Israel are also participating in the round. ReSec intends to use the new round of funding to expand its global operations.

“ReSec is a financial investment for the HDI Group that offers starting points for operational and strategic cooperation. We have a strong belief in the company's future and are pleased to join the existing investor line-up,” noted Ulrich Wallin, Managing Director of Hannover Digital Investments GmbH, the venture capital arm of the HDI Group.

“We are extremely excited to complete this round of funding and to have the HDI Group join our journey,” commented Tal Yatsiv, ReSec's Executive Chairman and CEO. “The investment will allow us to expedite development and focus on growth and expansion.”

The participation in ReSec is a fit with the HDI Group's strategy of driving digitalisation and investing in technological innovations. In addition to ReSec, HDI has already invested in the startups Perseus and Enginsight in the cybersecurity sector.