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Successful exit: Hannover Digital Investments sells Alyne shares to Mitratech

Hannover Digital Investments GmbH (HDInv) has successfully completed its exit from the start-up Alyne. The HDI Group's venture capital arm has sold the minority interests acquired in this financial investment in 2017 to US technology group Mitratech, which now holds all shares in the company.


The Munich-based start-up Alyne is an AI-based governance, risk management and compliance platform provider for large enterprises and has around 100 customers worldwide. The HDI Group itself uses Alyne's compliance tool and will therefore retain a close business relationship with the company moving forward.

“We are delighted to have played a part in Alyne's further development and ultimately completed a successful exit with a good return. We are grateful for the good collaboration”, notes Ulrich Wallin, Managing Director of Hannover Digital Investments GmbH, who adds that the acquisition by Mitratech will enable Alyne to scale its customer base even more quickly and drive its global expansion.